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🌟Another amazing week in our E4M Family!🌟

🥳🥳-27.0 for the week!
🤩Way to finish out this month so strong! God is definitely on the move in our E4M family and I know that our success is going to continue and even increase! 👏We will be set FREE in 2023!!! 🙌Congrats to these awesome family members for their “On scale” victories this week!
Phillip Reynolds -2.8
Jamie Bittner -2.5
Karrie Kennell -2.3
Brigitte McClellan -1.7
Sharai Bush -1.7
Jackie Foote -1.4
Jackie Foote -1.4
Sara Carlislie -1.2
Lisa Schell -1.2
Lisa Martin -1.0
Dan Jenkins -0.8
Cathy Thomas -0.8
Jr Wood -0.6
Dana Keith -0.4
Maureen Chiasson -0.3
Tracy Robbins -0.2
Jessica Swartwout -0.2
April Taylor -0.1


🥳Congrats to our YOU! 🥳 As always staying accountable by weighing in is a key strategy to life-long success! 🙌We are so inspired and excited to pray blessings upon your weight loss journey for the new month! Stick with it! 🤩God is doing something in our E4M family!
Angela Lawrence
Armond Lawrence
Joe Bush
Karrie Kennell
Krystie Daniels
Melissa Rowe
Sandy Combs
Shawna Campbell
Julie House


😮This might be a first!😮
And we are over the moon excited to see it!
🤩 Both Teal Star Winners are from our E4M4Men! 🤩 We have seen our male community grow so much over the past few months and God is blessing the obedience of our Men to take control of their health! 🙏 Through HIM! 🙏 Will you help me celebrate this great success and “Gif” these incredible gentlemen some encouragement for their success this week! 🥳
This is only the beginning!
🌟Jr Wood -3.4
🌟Justin Spratt -3.0

😮WOW!😮 What a month!

🌟We are down close to 140 pounds!!! 🤩-136.9 to be exact!!

And both our men and women are represented in our Top Losers for the month of January!👏
🥳 Help me celebrate and encourage them!
🙌 Let’s use their success as a catalyst to continue our journey into February!

God is just getting started!
👉 It’s time for our whole family to succeed!

🙌Let’s go!

🌟Phillip Reynolds -14.8

🌟Joe Bush -9.6

🌟Holly Ritter -8.6

🌟Debbie Wood -7.2

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