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🙌🌟Happy Monday E4M Family! 🌟 We are so excited to celebrate YOU today! 🌟

🌟Hey E4M family!
🤩While we truly desire to recognize and celebrate the great success of the following family members, it’s hard to overlook the fact that many in our family are struggling today!😔
As we set the day in order on this Monday, I encourage each of us to stop and audibly praise God for the success of each of the following family members, calling them out by name, and thanking God for their success!🤩
🙏But at the same time, please cry out to God on behalf of ourselves and our familly members who are struggling in their journeys!
👉We never struggle alone! And when we cry out, our Heavenly Father hears us and comes to our rescue!
🎉He did not bring you here for you NOT to get your victory!
The following E4M members can attest to that!!!
Way to go ladies! We are super proud of your success!

Kim Wilcox -1.8

Tammy Harris -1.4

Lisa Brewer -1.0

Dana Keith -0.2


🙏Praise God for this accountability!🙏 Your courage to step on the scale and log what it says, speaks volumes about your desire to be in God’s will! We see that perseverance and we are praying diligently for your success!
👉The devil never wins when we stay accountable! God is on our side, E4M family!
🌟And with God for us, who can be against us!!!
Alicia Kinninger
Donna Baker
Emily Lindholm
Julie House
Kim Allen
Krystie Daniels
Lynn Johnston
Mendy Martin
Phillip Reynolds
Suzanne Williams


🌟Congratulations to one of our E4M Mentors! We are overwhelmed with inspiration as we watch you walk through your journey so faithfully!
❤️E4M family if our precious Karen Setser Campbell can persevere and honor her temple through a valley such as the one she has been walking, what excuse do we have?
👉Please take a moment to encourage and congratulate her on her sweet success this week, and then stop and ask God to help you remove any “excuses” that are keeping you from experiencing success! 🙏
Way to go Karen Setser Campbell!🌟❤️🙏

🌟Karen Campbell -2.5

We may have struggled this week, but God was faithful overall! (Isn’t that just like the devil! Trying to keep us focused on a minor setback and keeping us from seeing the BIGGER VICTORY?)
👉Well devil, you lose! We WIN!
🤩And we are so very excited to still claim a huge victory! We are down -70.6 for the month!
And once again our E4MMen and women are represented as our Biggest Losers for the month!
🙏God you are so good to us!
🎉E4M family, help me celebrate these precious members!
Take a minute to encourage them with me! And then BE ENCOURAGED to go after your goals this week! Today is a new day! Allow God precious mercies to was over you and make you new!
🤩Let’s Go!🤩

🌟Justin Spratt -9.0

🌟Dana Keith -6.4

🌟Debbie Berger -5.6

🌟Dan Jenkins -4.0

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