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Happy Memorial Day🇺🇸 E4M family! It’s a great day to celebrate YOU!
🌟Our weekly Loss was -19.6!
🙌We continue to see members starting fresh and new family members too!
😊Help me congratulate these “on scale” victories!
🙏Looking forward to a summer filled with health, wellness. and God’s supernatural power in our E4M family!❤️
Lisa Brewer-2.9
Mandy Simpson-1.6
Tracy Robbins-1.3
Mendy Martin-1.0
Suzanne Williams-1.0
Maureen Chiasson-0.8
Brigitte McClellan-0.6
Lisa Schell-0.6


“The prayers of the righteous availeth much!”
🙏 Praying for each of you in your individual journeys! Believing that God will move on your behalf! 🙋‍♀️We are so very grateful that you are part of our family!
❤️We thank God for YOU!❤️
Angela Lawrence
Brandy Curry
Jackie Foote
Jamie Bittner
Katy Brinson
Lisa Martin
Matthew Hatfield
Sandy Combs
Sara Carlislie
Tammy Harris


🙋‍♀️So excited for this precious family member!
❤️I know very personally how she longs to be in obedience to God!
😊Alicia Kinninger, God sees you, hears you, and I know He is rejoicing over your desire and passion to live for Him!🙏
🌟Be blessed and encouraged!
🤩You inspire so many!
🙌Your E4M family is super excited to celebrate YOU this week! Congratulations!
🙏 May God continue to bless your journey exceedingly and abundantly!

🌟🌟Alicia Kinninger -9.8🌟

                                                                                      🌟 How awesome is this!!!🌟
We are down -85.2 for the month!
🎉And celebrating our Top 5 Biggest Losers!🎉
🤩 Ladies, we are so proud and inspired by each of you!
🙏Faithfulness and consistency, coupled with surrendering this journey to God always leads to success!🙏 We can’t wait to see what God does next in your journey!






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