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🌟We are always excited to see how God has moved in our weight loss! Let’s get ready to celebrate our E4M Family!🌟

🌟We are down -12.6 for the week! 👏
Just remember this: EVERY OUNCE MATTERS!
🤗We are super proud of you! Keep doing what you KNOW to do! You WILL get where God wants you to go!🙌
Emily Lindholm -1.6
Dan Jenkins -1.4
Mary Reid -1.2
Tina Hampton -1.0
Suzan Tipton -1.0
Jamie Bittner -1.0
Melissa Rowe -0.6
Lisa Schell -0.6
Brandy Godawa -0.5
Jessica Swartwout -0.3
Julie House -0.2
Rebecca Smith -0.2


📣For everyone who see this list, I want to encourage you to do one thing…..
🛑Stop what you are doing and call out each person by name! Ask God to be with them in their journey this week!🙏
🙌 Bless them with success and thank Him for nudging them to stay accountable! E4M family, we are in this together!
🤗And prayer changes things!
👏Stop and pray for each other right now! And let’s get ready for God to move mightily on our behalf!
Brandy Curry
Dana Keith
Debbie Wood
Jr Wood
Kim Allen
Kim Wilcox
Krystie Daniels
Phillip Reynolds
Rhonda King
Suzanne Williams
Tammy Harris


👏OK Armond Lawrence!!!
🤗We see you here! Way to go! Let’s celebrate one of our E4M4Men leaders together and congratulate him on his great success this week!
🌟Here’s to another great week too!🌟

👏Armond Lawrence -3.0

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