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                 Julie House

For more information or to book Julie and her E4M team for your next event, contact them:

Email: yourteam@equipped4more.com
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Call: 859-802-8965
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So much love,
Julie and your E4M Team

Bring Julie and her highly motivating message to your church, work, or community group!

Equipped4More, LLC founder Julie House has a powerful testimony and a passion to share the vision God laid on her heart – to change the face of weight loss forever. After losing more than 50 pounds through the divine love, mercy, and grace of God, Julie knew she was called for a bigger purpose: to lead and guide other Christian men and women through their pain and suffering to lifelong weight loss. She longs to help her audience realize and fully embrace that God has called them for a greater purpose, and their health and wellness is paramount to uncovering His vision for their lives. If your congregation, workplace, or community group would benefit from this life-changing message, contact Equipped4More today! Julie and her E4M team would be honored to bring their fun-filled, inspiration-packed message to your group, helping all in attendance to become motivated like never before to lose weight, grow closer to God, and begin to walk in their divine purpose and calling!

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Today Is The Day!

Today Is The Day!

"He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be my son." Revelation 21:7 December 31st isn't usually the day of the year we implement change and think about doing new things.  We are supposed to reserve that for tomorrow right?  Maybe...

Is Emotional Eating Ruining your Weight Loss?

Is Emotional Eating Ruining your Weight Loss?

Emotional eating is the number one roadblock to lifelong success in weight loss. Even the best meal plans can't compete with our emotions.  We're hungry alright, but the kind of hunger we have cannot ever be satisfied with food. The hunger many of us are experiencing...

How I Learned to Stop Emotional Eating and Start Praying

How I Learned to Stop Emotional Eating and Start Praying

Picture this.  You're standing in front of the refrigerator, the door is wide open, and you're staring intently looking for something to devour quickly.  Something sweet.  No salty.  No both!  But there's one problem.  YOU'RE NOT EVEN HUNGRY!  Does this scenario sound...

Our daily mission at E4M is to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE our members to live healthier, happier lives, while deeply growing in their relationship with the Lord!
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