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I want more of You, God.  I’m desperate for You. I need You!”  As I sit in my prayer room, attempting to focus, and delve into the Word and quality prayer for a short time, lyrics from these familiar songs run through my mind.  The day holds so many tasks.  Working on my website, (a daunting task for this not-so-tech-savvy girl,) follow up with clients, laundry, dishes, after school activities for three very busy kiddos; the list is endless.

Yet, there is a still small voice, gently nudging me over and over with a quiet whisper, “be still, be still, be still….”  I recognize the voice and the prompt, but my day holds so many “to-do’s” I just can’t seem to focus. And then another whisper,  “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Wow.  Now this one hits home! What a statement. Powerful. True. SIMPLE! Apart from God, I am useless. Apart from God, I can do nothing.  I know this. I’ve tested this truth. I have ventured into my day like a rebellious child, convinced that a quick prayer before getting out of bed would be sufficient to ensure the peace, and success of my day.  Yet why doesn’t it “click?” Why do I constantly struggle to realize that refusing to take time each day to spend with Him, regrouping, getting refreshed, and re-energized, is like refusing to eat. Eventually, my energy runs out, and I am of no earthly good to anyone.

In a world that says, “You better get going, you’ll never get anything accomplished just sitting there,”  My God says, “In returning and rest you will be saved, quiet confidence will be your strength!” Isaiah 30:15.

Friend, attempts on our own strength to accomplish an endless list of “to-do’s” will leave us feeling more exhausted than when we started.  Yet, daily time with the Lord, reflecting on His promises, meditating on His Word, and resting in His arms, will always provide the strength, direction, and focus we need.

If the tasks of the days, and weeks ahead seem insurmountable, and the burdens too great to bear, let me encourage you to implement one simple strategy.  For just a quick moment each and every day, find a quiet place to open the Word of God, ask Him to speak to you through His Word, and then look up to the heavens and gently whisper, “I need YOU!”

Then, SIMPLY sit back, and rest in His presence, and be reminded of His precious promises.  Promises that say, “I will never leave you or forsake you, I am Your God, who loves you!

“The Lord will work out His plans for my life, for you faithful love O Lord endures forever.”  Psalm 138:8

Praying for a day filled with His love, direction, peace, and REST!

So much love, Julie

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