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There’s More We Want To Do

Equipped4More LLC has now founded Equipped4More Ministries, a registered non-profit, 501(c).  We have a passion to see souls saved and living for the Lord.  Through one day events, future potential for television programming, and the development of educational and motivational materials,  we want to equip the world for Christ.  We pray that if you have been blessed by our Equipped4More health and wellness program, or simply want to partner with a ministry that is transforming lives for Christ, you will consider a one-time love offering or ongoing partnership.

Why Your Support Matters

The VISION of E4M Ministries is to become the voice for the true path to health and wellness.  We desire to be the daily encouragement and truth for people that God cares about their health and wellness, and their health and wellness is crucial  to fully embracing and living out their purpose for God. In a world that says, “Eat, you will feel better. Weight loss comes with willpower,” we know God to be the number one comforter, and willpower will eventually give way to gluttony in a weight loss journey.

We long to educate, inspire and motivate people to understand and fully embrace this truth.  We are inherently aware that without wisdom people perish.  And wisdom must be embraced, and received by the Word of God.  

We live in a world where we are bombarded with news and information; inundated with false truths and lies about health and wellness.  We want to be a constant reminder, and refreshing daily message speaking life and wellness into those that follow us.  Our goal is to expand our influence and increase our platform.  It is the ongoing support of our faithful donors and family members that will enable us to do this. It is our vision to utilize media outlets like television, radio, and print to spread this message.

Why does weight loss need a voice?  Far too many people are unaware that God must be at the forefront of their weight loss journey if it is to be successful long term.  Too many people continue to believe the lie that says, “Willpower, motivation, and the right meal plan are all you need.”  This is a lie because willpower fades and motivation wanes.  Our flesh will always desire to eat unhealthy food.  And even the best meal plans matter not if we are not seeking God to satisfy the deep longings of our soul.  

As the founder of E4M Ministries I consistently hear from our followers and family, “I never thought to include God in this journey before.”

We must continue to expand, and become an even bolder voice for health and wellness.  As humans we have a very short attention span, and an even shorter memory.  We must have a continual dialogue with God and others on this journey to be successful.  We must always be intentional about our fellowship with like minded people.  E4M is that voice and we offer this platform for continual dialogue and community.  We need the support of our donors and family members to help us expand to strengthen our voice and grow our influence.  Your support matters!

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers!


Our Why

According to the most recent census, nearly one third of all Americans show signs of clinical anxiety or depression. (washingtonpost.com) People use food, drugs, and alcohol to cope.  Equipped4More Ministries was created to address this growing epidemic.   

We are passionate about helping people find hope and victory through the powerful, life-giving, unchanging word of the Bible.  

We exist to spread the hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a world that is starving for the truth.



Our Vision

To “Equip” the world to use the Bible as their #1 resource for strength, guidance, healing and direction.  

Allowing the truth they read to penetrate their souls and transform their lives.

Our Mission


Our daily mission is to make the Word of God come to life for you!  

We exist to teach those we come in contact with to search out the Bible for solutions, finding Hope4Today and everyday!




What We Can Bring to YOU

Through one-day events, weekend retreats, Julie and her E4M team would be honored to bring their fun-filled, inspiration-packed message to your group, helping all in attendance to become motivated like never before to grow closer to God, and begin to walk in their divine purpose and calling!

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