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Here are your Get Equipped Beginning Steps:

Congratulations!  You now have exclusive access to all our  Members Only  tools and features designed just for you!  This program was strategically designed for you to find success once and for all in weight loss!   To begin your journey to success, just  follow the steps below:

1. Download the app

If you have already completed this step, Awesome!  But remember to turn notification settings on in the app.  You will receive uplifting encouragement, and important program reminders practically everyday. 

E4M HELPFUL HINT: Be sure to opt in to both the General and E4M Weight Loss Group Members for notifications and reminders specific to your weight loss journey.

2.  Log your starting weight. 

Now it’s time to enter your starting weight.  Head over to the E4M Members section of the app and enter your starting weight and demographic information under the Weekly Weigh in Tab. (You will need the username and password you created at registration for access.  So be sure to always have that handy!)  You can track measurements here too, but most importantly your weekly accountability through the weigh in is a key E4M Strategy!  After your starting weight is entered, you will weigh in every week. Remember: Weigh in Day is every Friday!  Log your weight first thing every Friday morning!

E4M HELPFUL HINT:  You  can also access your health and wellness digest from the “Members Only” tab on the website; under the drop-down menu.   And, be sure to hit “Save Entry” for all updates as you track your progress, to ensure they’re not lost.

3. Download the My Fitness Pal App(MFP) 

Or another calorie counting app if you prefer.  MFP is the journaling app recommended by E4M and free on the app store and google play.  If you have never had a MFP account you will want to create one.   Journaling is imperative to success on this journey, and this app is extremely user friendly!  We truly believe, that once you have it, you will love it!

“E4M HELPFUL HINT” We want you to begin  journaling ASAP. For the first week of your weight loss journey, we do not encourage too many changes.  We firmly believe the simpler the journey, the more likely you are to stay on track.  We simply encourage you to stay within your calorie range once it is set up in MFP.  

4. Move in to the E4M House-Virtually Of Course

 We have created our “E4M House” complete with rooms to meet all your weight loss needs.  You will request access through the little message boxes in the top right corner of the app.  Just log in using an already existing Apple ID or email and you can move in immediately.  Enjoy all the healthy recipes we have to offer to our Kitchen,  work out with other E4M family members in the gym, go boldly before God’s throne of mercy in our prayer room, and a host of other rooms designed with your complete success in mind.

“E4M HELPFUL HINT” For the first 30 days, you will have access to our “Guest Room” where several of our wonderful family members will host you and help you become acclimated to our wonderful program!

5.  Be encouraged by our Daily Devotions and Word of the Day mini-podcast   

Written just for you, daily devotions are ready and waiting for you on the app.  We encourage you to take part in the E4M Daily strategy found at the bottom each daily devotion.  These are tangible ways for you to stay connected and engaged in your program every single day!  Not into reading?  Listen to the daily devos through our Word of the Day podcast, (almost everyday) exclusively for members and found in the E4M house!  In the Library of course!

6.  Private Facebook Group Exclusives

As a member with E4M, you have an open invitation into our private, uplifting and encouraging Facebook group.  This group is operated by and for our members.  But each week there are several opportunities for your to glean extra knowledge, support and motivation!

Friday Strategy Meetings:  Each Friday afternoon, Julie hosts a Live strategy session for our family.  Incorporated are practical tips and tricks to help keep you moving forward in your success.  Feel free to go back and view past meetings found under the Equipped4More Strategy Meetings Tab anytime you need a little extra encouragement too!

 Family prayer:   Live in our Facebook group every Monday we facilitate family prayer time.  This is an incredible way to kick off your week, seeking the Lord in your weight loss journey with other E4M family members.  We highly recommend participation whenever possible.  You can also go back and view these prayer meetings at any time by clicking on Videos in the left sidebar of the Facebook family page. 

Monday Celebrations:   Mondays are for celebrating your success too!  Each Monday we celebrate all our members who have weighed in, regardless of whether or not they lost weight.  Along with celebrating the amazing accountability of getting on the scale, we also recognize our family members who have lost weight, and award our biggest losers of the week with our famed Teal Star Recognition!  We can’t wait to see you earn your first teal star! 

 Welcome to your transformation! This is truly the beginning of lasting change and we are so excited to be a part of your journey!  We are here for you every step of the way!  Ready to praise God for great and mighty plans He has is store just for you!


The Daily Bread/Spread. Welcome to simplicity!  That is the foundation of how we approach calorie counting at E4M, and at the heart of our vision is 

The Daily Bread/Spread” (Look for your Daily Bread Spread reminder card in the mail soon❤️)

 It’s our unique and completely balanced way of spreading out your calorie intake throughout the day! We recommend you continue to eat as you normally would, working each day to make changes and adjustments that allow for you to eat each meal within these general guidelines. Included in this incredible tool for your first month are Four Staple Meal Ideas to get you started in each category! In addition, each of the recipes you receive EVERY MONTH in your monthly toolkit follow this plan! Before you know it, you will be creating a lifestyle of healthy living-NOT DIETING! We hope you are as excited as we are!


Breakfast: 100-200 calories

Lunch: 300-400 calories

Dinner: 400-500 calorie

Snacks: 100-150 calories (2 or 3 each day)

E4M Breakfast Staples  100-200 Calories

  • Egg Sandwich on Healthy Life Bread
  • Oatmeal with Blueberries
  • Honey Nut Cheerio’s with Almond Milk
  • Carb-Master Yogurt topped with Granola

E4M Lunch Staples   300-400 Calories

  • PB&JFitwithKindBar
  • Garden Salad with Veggies and Hard-Boiled Egg and Lite dressing
  • Grilled Chicken sandwich (available at most restaurants) with a sideof fruit
  • Deli Sandwich on Healthy Life Bread with “Skinny Pop,” popcorn

    E4M Dinner Staples   400-500 Calories

    • Baked Chicken with cooked Apples
    • Turkey Burger with Healthy Life Bun and Veggies
    • Grilled Cheese on Healthy Life Bread and Low Sodium Soup
    • BLT with Turkey Bacon on Healthy Life Bread and a Side GardenSalad

        4. Water! Water! Water!  At E4M, we totally believe in the power of water!  Your daily water intake goal is 1 gallon. We realize that everyone cannot do that the first week, so we recommend tracking your intake the first week, and increasing by 20 oz each week thereafter!  Eventually, you’ll be finishing that gallon, and taking less trips to the bathroom, we promise!   And, with our E4M water bottle. we’ve done the math for you!  Just 5/day gets your gallon in and your weight going down!  Get your unique, easy to travel with E4M water bottle HERE



        Go get your camera and snap that BeFoRe Pic!

          We know you are going to be successful this time, so take the pic, store it someplace safe, (and upload it to your profile in your health and wellness digest too,) and we’ll proudly display it alongside your “after” pic the day you meet your weight goal!  We are so excited!

        “Here’s to your incredible success! We continue to pray and support you all the way through your journey!
        Much love,