Equipping YOU for life-long health and wellness, and a closer walk with God! yourteam@equipped4more.com

Your investment with Equipped4More is 50% LESS than with other Major Weight Loss programs!

Ex: Weight Watchers: $13/week E4M: $6/week!

But that’s nothing compared to what you receive as an exclusive member in our E4M Family!

Here’s what’s included in your membership to guarantee this is the last weight loss program you will EVER join!

You will receive:

Full Access to our Exclusive Membership site where you have your very own personalized Health and Wellness digest to track and follow your:

  • weight
  • measurements
  • a visual graph of your progress for added accountability and motivation
  • take and store photos of your progress
  • take notes regarding progress and goals
  • opportunity to participate in private weekly weigh-in to encourage accountability, and engagement
  • interactive app to track and journal food intake, and receive personalized instruction when questions or struggles arise

E4M Exclusive Monthly Toolkit designed to keep you engaged and accountable.  Your toolkit includes:

  • Monthly goal setting worksheet focused in all the areas you want to set goals in
  • Personalized prayer journal
  • Monthly scripture to encourage meditation and memorization as part of your journey
  • Monthly written devotion to get you excited about the month and all it’s opportunities
  • Monthly video devotion with Julie, specifically for members to encourage and inspire success
  • Foundational meal ideas/recipes that fit your lifestyle, budget, and family
  • Shopping list for groceries
  • Daily Bread/Spread (the E4M uniquely simple way of counting and spreading out your calories throughout the day)

Exclusive Access into our Private E4M Family Facebook Community

  • Hundreds of successful members sharing ideas, testimonies, scriptures to keep you engaged 24/7
  • Daily devotion written by our moderator to inspire you before you head out the door everyday
  • Weekly LIVE family meeting just for members to aide in accountability, motivation, and just keep you going

Discounted Products and Services

  • All E4M members receive a 20% discount on additional services like One on One Counseling, and furthering education: i.e video classes
  • All E4M members receive a 10% discount on all products, all the time!
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