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Making The Best Of It

“Above all else, guard your heart.  For out of it flow the issues of life.”

Proverbs 4:23

Often in life, we find ourselves needing to adjust to situations and scenarios that maybe we didn’t ask for, intend, or willingly get ourselves into.  Yet, in order to survive, we must find a way to make the best of it.  We are all living in those times today.  And some of us, even outside the realm of the situations that have arisen in the world around us, are desperately searching for ways to make the best of life events that have taken us by surprise.

The Bible’s definition of making the best of it is to, “keep your heart with all diligence.”  It’s the heart that gives life to the rest of the body.  And we must keep our heart guarded, and protected in order for our lives to be productive.
But what does it mean to “guard our hearts?”  The Bible tells us that the peace of God will “guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Knowing that the book of Proverbs teaches wisdom and knowledge, we can surmise that guarding our hearts is to get the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ as much as we can.
We are living in times when our hearts need to be guarded more than ever.  The NIV puts it like this, “guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  This means your weight loss journey, and eating habits are directly connected to the state of your heart, and the wisdom you are embracing from God each and everyday.
Our perspective on this world and what is going on will change drastically when we understand that God has set aside time for us to grow in His Word, and guard our hearts so that we can make the most out of every single day!
Friend, God promises to take care of His children, we must know that.  He only asks that we make the most of this life we have been given.  Will you do that with me today?  In your weight loss journey?  In your relationships with your family?  In your walk with Him?
Will you get into the Word of God today, and allow Him to show you how to Make the Best of It?   Let’s pray; 

Dear God,
Today I want to make the best of this life you have given me.  I long to hide your word in my heart today more than ever, knowing that the wisdom that I place in it, directs all my actions, including my weight loss.  Thank you God that your word really is a light for my path.  I will use your light today, to direct everything I do, especially eating, and moving my body!  
In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray,

Your E4M Daily Strategy is a fun one!  Make the very best out of this day!  Take a moment to memorize today’s verse, and be prepared to call it out in conversation several times throughout the day.  Share the beauty of it’s meaning on a walk with your loved ones, or during a phone call.  Even on social media.  Let the world know that we can make the best out of uncertain situations.  When we memorize and embrace God’s word, life will flow from us, God will guide us, and others will be drawn to us.  And that is our mission on this earth.  What a beautiful way to make the best out of today and everyday!

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Be encouraged on your journey everyday as Julie explores God’s word to help you find lasting success and a more intimate relationship with your Savior!

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