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Did I get your attention with that title?  I thought so. Would you love to lose weight FAST?  What a wonderful gift for you and your family, right? I remember so vividly several years back, when I was actively looking for a way to lose weight, this was my number one goal: Finding a way to do it FAST!  I wanted to go to bed overweight, and wake up skinny! For that reason, I tried most fads, meal plans, pills, exercise plans, and everything else that I was exposed to over the years. Some moderately healthy, and some down right dangerous.  And, if you have found yourself reading this, I dare say you are still on that same mission; searching for that magic pill or plan that will help you lose weight fast too! Well, sweet friend, although you may be surprised, I do believe it is possible to lose weight FAST!  And bonus; follow this plan, and not only will you be losing weight, you will also be growing deeply in your walk with God. Are you interested? Good! Read on and be inspired at how God showed me how to lose weight fast and keep it off, (while aiding hundreds, maybe even thousands) of others on their life-long journey toward health, wellness, and weight loss as well over the last 10 years.  I want to share with you how God has changed, and transformed my definition of FAST, and may you too be blessed with a new, and fresh understanding of what FAST means on a weight loss journey and may our Lord and Savior grant you wonderful health, wellness, and weight loss through this journey! Below is my definition of FAST





Sweet friend, at Equipped4More, we truly feel we have found the missing link in weight loss: Jesus!  Allowing His divine and supernatural power to come in and take over allows us to follow boldy the principles outlined above, finally losing weight and learning to live healthy!

Follow these principles, and begin to realize once and for all that the foods you put into your body do make a difference.  Ask God to help you begin to approach this journey with joy instead of aggravation, and spend time each day resting in the power of God’s unchanging Word.  And finally, embrace the truth that accountability can ensure your success, and will truly allow you to lose weight and keep it off for good!  If you would love to know how to further implement our principles of Losing Weight FAST, consider becoming a member of our E4M family. Connect with hundreds of other men and women who have implemented the principles and lost weight for good! Read their stories on our Before and After page, and start your journey today!

We cannot wait to share in your transformation and testimony!

I’m Ready to Start My Transformation  

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