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Kim’s courageous testimony will certainly bless your day.  She has embraced God and His supernatural power on this journey like never before!  Read on to see how her courage to step out in obedience, has landed her 27 pounds down, full of hope, and on her way to losing weight for the last time!  You will be inspired!

Being over weight has been a struggle for me since about 6th grade. I am an emotional eater, whether it be sad, happy or stressed. I participated in a small group at CFC that Julie taught and learned what equipped4more was all about. At the time my focus was on my husband who had just recently been diagnosed with diabetes so my weightloss was minimal. I have to admit my mindset was not where it should be and I found myself being less than thrilled with denying the flesh of any food I wanted. I thought if this is the worse thing I am doing then it’s not too bad. This way of thinking is wrong on so many levels.  The Lord started dealing with me to contact Julie and join her private weightloss group but this is easier said than done. I have lost weight through low calorie, low carb diets and weight watchers and the weight has always came back. I finally called Julie and poured out my heart and fears of trying again, it’s so hard when you have failed more than once.  Those who know Julie know she is such a loving and caring person, she is easy to confide in. I began the program on 9/06/18 and it has been trying at times for me. When the numbers don’t move and your staying on plan it is so hard. I remember crying in my shower asking the Lord why am I not losing weight and felt like He wanted to know if was serious this time and if I was I needed to trust Him and continue to stay on plan. It was hard but I did and have lost 27 pounds so far. God is so good! I am no where near my weightloss goal I have set for myself but I am on my way. My daughter bought me a bracelet for Christmas that says “she believed she could so she did” as a reminder in this weightloss journey of a verse in the bible Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Being a member of E4M is so important in this journey, there is so much support and motivation on the Facebook and website that really blesses me daily. A true family of like minded believers! (bonus for me my daughter is now a member) With God’s help I want to be a healthier version of myself that can boldly declare the goodness of Jesus in every area of my life even weightloss.

If you were touched by Kim’s story, and long for a testimony like hers, take the next step as she did, and begin your weight loss journey today!  You’ll be glad you did!  We can’t wait to see you on the member side!

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