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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you think of “healthy,” what comes to mind? Eating carrots for a snack? Taking your coffee without sugar or cream? Going for a run every morning? Sleeping eight hours straight? Being healthy is all of those things and more. Your health is your well-being, which should encompass more than just your physicality. Mental and emotional health can be just as important as physical health. Try these everyday at-home and away-from-home strategies to get the best overall health for your body and mind.


Tidy up your home. When was the last time you went through your stuff and decided what to keep and what to get rid of? Leaving clutter laying around can cause a great deal of stress. Take the time to declutter so that your home stays neat, and you will feel less stressed. When it’s time to clean your home, get a service to thoroughly clean it for you. Find out the average cost in your area for a cleaning service; for example, in Covington, it’s between $83 and $260.

Phone a friend. Who in your life makes you feel comforted and relaxed every time you speak? Call that friend and have a drama-free conversation. If you walk away with positive feelings from that phone call or visit, then you’ve made a good choice. Maybe you’ll even get some life advice from them. You don’t need to spend your time with friends and relatives who only complain, gossip, speak negatively, or suck your energy.

Take some “me” time. If you give a lot of your time and energy to your job and other people, then you’re definitely due for some “me” time. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. This might be a good time to send the kids away so they don’t interrupt your relaxing day of pampering. Make homemade, soothing skincare treatments and masks using ingredients in your kitchen, or give yourself a hot-rock massage. Get started by brewing a pot of tea and putting on calming music. Soon you’ll be on your way to a relaxing experience. 

Say “no” to stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life, and most of it can’t be avoided. But there are stressors that we tend to bring upon ourselves, like helping a coworker when we barely have time to finish our own work or going to social functions during rush hour when we’d rather be home. It could even be sweating the small stuff like a broken doorknob or spilled milk on the rug. Those trivial things don’t matter and won’t affect your life. Shrug off life’s minor annoyances and don’t let them stress you out. Stop saying “yes” to things that cause you more stress, and you’ll become a happier person. 


Start with small habits. A healthy eating habit doesn’t always happen overnight.  You don’t have to give up everything that you love, but you can slowly eliminate junk foods from your life or replace them with healthier options. Dip plantain chips in your salsa instead of tortilla chips. Eat a yogurt parfait with frozen berries instead of ice cream. Eat chicken instead of pork. Drink water or tea instead of soda. These small actions add up and will eventually make you healthier and lighter. As you become acclimated to eating this way, you won’t even crave the old stuff anymore. 

Cook for yourself. One of the top contributors to poor health is eating out. Whether it’s processed fast food or indulgent restaurant food made with too much sugar, salt, and butter, cooking at home will be better for you. Grab a healthy eating cookbook (you can find cookbooks online for less than $5) and attempt a recipe per day. Buy your groceries fresh and use as many whole ingredients as possible. No one expects you to make noodles from scratch, but you can make your sauce with ripe tomatoes instead of canned. 

Find time to exercise. You’re never too busy to work out. You don’t have to be a gym rat that spends two hours a day pumping iron, but 30 minutes a day should suffice. You can start with walking or a light jog and eventually make your way up to running. Get a virtual fitness coach by following exercise videos online, downloading a fitness app, or registering for an online subscription-based program. If you’re not a morning person, squeeze in a quick workout in the evening before you start making dinner. 

Take control of your health now while you still can. Try integrative approaches for both your mental and physical health, like yoga. The health of your brain and body are connected, and neither should be ignored. Spend a little time focusing on your well-being every day, and you’ll find yourself in great head-to-toe health.

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