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E4M is not your typical weight loss program.  We will not set you up with a complicated meal plan, and grocery list and send you away!  We have “been there, done that,” and we know that although that may work for a brief time, in order for this to work long-term, we had to find the missing link; and we did!  Our foundation for complete success lies in 4 areas; COMMUNITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, JESUS, & JOURNALING! When you become a member of our family, you can be sure of one thing: YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO EAT HEALTHY, LOSE WEIGHT, AND LIVE OUT YOUR GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE FOR LIFE! 

Here is how we accomplish our mission!   

  Membership in E4M opens the door for you to hundreds of women who are successfully losing weight, growing in their relationship with the Lord, and uncovering who they truly are in Jesus Christ!    

We accomplish this in the following ways: 

COMMUNITY:  First, upon initiating your membership you receive exclusive access into our Private Facebook family. In this EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY, on a daily basis, you receive inspirational support, meal ideas, eating out ideas, and develop life-long friendships with others traveling this same road!  This incredible tool alone has proven to be a vital part of the success of our members!

E4M MONTHLY TOOLKIT: But that’s not all. In addition to gaining instant access to this incredible support, you also receive your very own unique E4M MONTHLY TOOLKIT accessed ONLY by members in the Membership area of our website. This incredible tool includes these new, and truly unique features each and every month! 

  • New Goal setting action plan 
  • New Devotion/Prayer Journal for reflection and guidance
  • New and easy foundational  Mix-n-More recipes the whole family will love (all follow our Daily Bread/Spread for “spreading out your calories” throughout the day.  So you can mix-n-match your meals without counting calories!
  • Grocery list for your monthly Mix-n-More recipes
  • Special inspirational video message from me to kick off the month
  • Special devotional video message from me, delving into our scripture of the month
  • New 4-minute Fitness video every month, targeting a “tough to tame” body part (And incase you’re wondering…4 minutes WILL make a difference!)
  • New, fresh and fun recipe demo straight from my kitchen every month

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Membership in E4M provides all the accountability you need for complete and total weight loss success.  In our “Members Only” area of our website, you will have your very own, awesome and unique HEALTH & WELLNESS DIGEST to track, not only your weight loss progress, but also measurements, and so much more.  The visual aids created by your progress are a powerful tool! You can even upload pictures of your ongoing progress! (Please note, weekly weigh-ins are not mandatory, but highly recommended.)   At E4M we truly understand the need for simplicity on this journey.  That’s why we created 2 unique components for meal planning.  Our very own, Daily Bread/Spread, and our Mix-n-More Meal Plan.  As members, we provide you a super simple guide for spreading out your calories throughout the day!  A handy little card provided for you each month in your download!  In addition, ALL our Mix-n-More meals follow our Daily Bread/Spread, so you no longer have to think about it when preparing our yummy dishes!  Mix-n-match your E4M meals any way you like and lose weight!  We know you’re going to love the Daily Bread/Spread and all our unique Mix-n-More meal options! 






Bonus:  There are literally hundreds of Mix-n-More meal options in our 8 Week Transformation!  It’s an incredible supplemental tool that many of our members utilize!  Be sure to order you very own downloadable version or hard copy of this awesome tool!  Just follow the link below!


JESUS:  At E4M, we firmly believe that what truly sets us apart from every other weight loss program out there has nothing to do with FOOD, and everything to do with FAITH.  It is vital to us that your faith is increased, and your knowledge of God, and what He wants to do in your life, become incredibly real and evident as a result of your membership with E4M! 

JOURNALING: At E4M, we also know that honesty is key.  Honesty about what we eat, why we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat must be understood in order to experience true and lasting success.  That’s why we are firm believers in journaling! Knowledge is power, and journaling your food intake is a highly effective weapon in the Battle of the Bulge.  All our members journal in some form. As a member of E4M, you will have access to your very own meal tracker!  However, if you are already using an app like My Fitness Pal, feel free to continue. Many of our members prefer pen and paper too.  The most important message we can convey is that, you cannot change what you don’t know. And faithfully journaling what you are eating provides a wealth of knowledge for you that will transform the way you eat. Trust us, if you journal faithfully, you will be empowered after just the first week: not to mention, a lot lighter too!  

“At the root of our mission is aiding you in uncovering your God-given purpose here on this Earth, and helping you realize that part of what’s holding you back is your weight.  With E4M, you will have EVERYTHING you need to tackle your weight loss issues, in a way that suits your lifestyle, season, and budget. All while growing deeply in your relationship with the Lord.   We hope this sounds fabulous, and if you’re ready to begin your last weight loss journey, we are super excited to welcome you to our E4M family!” Much love, Julie-E4M Founder 

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