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Picture this.  You’re standing in front of the refrigerator, the door is wide open, and you’re staring intently looking for something to devour quickly.  Something sweet.  No salty.  No both!  But there’s one problem.  YOU’RE NOT EVEN HUNGRY!  Does this scenario sound familiar?  For many of us, it does, and in fact, could have been played out in reality in our own kitchens just moments ago.  The issue of emotional eating is a loaded one, with hundred of thousands of people struggling with it every single day.  Millions of dollars are spent on therapy for emotional eating every year.

Friend, if you struggle to stop emotional eating, you are not alone, and I believe you have been placed here, to read this post for a breakthrough!  Today is your day to start fresh, and learn how to stop emotional eating for the last time.  I am here to offer your help with emotional eating.  To lead you to the best therapist I know.  One who specializes in the the topic of emotional eating.   The secret to overcoming emotional eating is learning how to pray and stop emotional eating.  Below is a simple 4 Step Process to begin your journey. Get excited, because you are about to learn how to seek after God in your times of stress, instead of food, conquering the vicious stronghold of emotional eating once and for all.  He truly is the great therapist in all areas of life; including emotional eating.

PREPARE-Preparation is key in stopping the vicious cycle of emotional eating.  Prepare your mind with scripture daily.  Verses like Jeremiah 29:11, and Isaiah 40:13, remind us that God has good plans for our lives.  And believe this; those plans include losing weight and living healthy for Him.

OPEN YOUR BIBLE-If we want God in this journey, we have to take Him on the road.  Whenever possible, especially when eating, open your Bible (or Bible app) and let God’s precious promises soothe your mind, body, and soul.  It’s an incredible deterrent to emotional eating.  And the best therapy I know.

GET OTHERS TO PRAY-Let’s face it.  We will not always be motivated on this journey.  During those moments that we begin to embrace the “I could care less about weight loss right now,” we need others to be interceding on our behalf.  Reach out now to close friends, and family, asking them to lift your weight loss journey up to God during their prayer time.

DON’T GIVE UP-Remember the old cliche, “It’s always darkest right before the dawn.”  Cliche or not, it’s true.  We are notorious for giving up on this journey right before our breakthrough.  Don’t do it!  Pray to God right now, that He will give you the courage to persevere, and press on.

Implementing these 4 Powerful steps will guarantee a transition from Emotional Eating to Emotional Praying.  Remember, you have been placed here for such a time as this, and when you “cast all your worries upon Him,”  He will see you through to success, “Because He cares for you.”

If you would love to join our family of men and women losing weight for the last time and growing deeply in your walk with the Lord, start your journey today!

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