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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey E4M friends and family!  You are sure to be totally inspired by this super busy mom’s testimony!  Morgan is the beautiful mother of two equally beautiful babies, finds time to serve in so many ways at church while encouraging our E4M family on a daily basis in our Facebook community, AND motivating us all to experience FighterFit classes where she is burning more than 1000 calories each session!  But more than all of that, Morgan’s beautiful honesty about her insecurities with her weight, and God’s beautiful transformation in her will truly touch, and inspire you!  

Growing up I always struggled being overweight.  Not only did being overweight hurt my health, it also made me feel broken and unwanted.  I always want to feel wanted, but felt since I was overweight, it would never happen. This took a toll on friendships, and even relationships.  When I got married, everything was great, but I still held onto these feelings of not being good enough. I had absolutely no confidence in myself.  When I had my daughter, I thought for sure this would change. “I’m going to be wanted,” I thought. I was wrong. I sund into even more depression, which ultimately led to more weight gain.   By now, I felt I was failing myself as not only a wife, but a mother too. Right before I got pregnant with my son, I started praying for God to help me. He led me to Julie’s Tuesday videos, but I knew I needed more support, and guidance.  The Monday before joining Julie, and E4M, I found myself crying out to God, telling Him that I didn’t want to be this failure anymore, I wanted to fulfill my purpose that He had for me. That Wednesday, I ran into another member of E4M at church, Lisa McClane, and I knew it was a divine appt.  Although times have been hard, God has carried me through. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be, but let me tell you, God has moved in so many ways other than just weight loss. Through the prayer warriors at E4M, and seeking God, I have found a new level of confidence in myself. I have found that I am wanted by the One who gave up everything for me.  The scripture that has carried me through is Romans 8:18, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” I feel like this journey is no different. In everything (even weight loss) we have to let God step in and show us the way!

Friend, if you find yourself feeling like Morgan did, we are here for you!  At E4M, we want to walk alongside you as God paints your beautiful testimony too.  Don’t wait another minute,  begin your beautiful transformation today!

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