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I’m not going to pretend that I’ve had a few easy weeks. On the contrary, I feel like I’ve been in a war. Not just any war, but one that has broken me down and frankly, led me to return to my old eating habits. Why, you ask? Oh, let me show you.


August 16:        288 (down 4.6 lbs from previous week)
August 23:        292.5 (up 4.5 lbs!!)
August 26:        297.8 (up 9.8 lbs!!!!)
August 30:        292.3


Around the same time each month, thanks to hormones, I always gain 3-4 pounds. No matter how well I’ve done with my eating or working out, it happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I get so aggravated because even though I’m doing the right thing, I still end up gaining quite a bit of weight. It’s wearisome and exhausting. I text Julie every time with my woes and she lovingly reminds me why it’s happening and encourages me through it. Poor Julie. LOL

Even though I know what causes it, it’s still a major battle every month. This time, however, was the worst it’s ever been. I’ve never gained that much weight. On top of that, the battle in my mind was going nuclear. I struggled to keep on track with my eating. To be honest, I told myself that I didn’t care any more. I wasn’t going to keep doing this. I was sick of this whole fight and that I would just stay overweight and learn to live with it. I wallowed in self-pity and felt myself slipping back into my old ways.

From what I’ve seen in comments from my E4M family and in conversations I’ve had with others, it appears that the devil is on a mission. He is stepping up his attacks and is trying to wear us out. Man, the enemy of our souls does NOT want us to be successful in this journey to health. 

He isn’t scared of the weight loss, mind you. He’s scared of the dependence, reliance and trust we are gaining in our relationships with God. 

He’s going to do whatever he can to break them down because he knows that they are the key to victory in all areas of our lives. 

I’m not letting this blog be one of defeat. Here’s how I’m getting through this fight. I’m crying out. I’m calling on Jesus. He is bringing me through and is making me victorious. I’m not finished fighting. 

Never has a theme been timelier than the one God gave Julie for us for August. We have got to cry out to God and ask Him for help! Our scripture for the month reminds us that He hears us and answers us because we have placed our trust in the One who alone is worthy of our trust. If you are struggling, fighting or feel like you are losing, hang on, my dear friends. Hang on! Help is on the way!  He will do the same for you! Call on Him! Cry out to Him! I promise, He’s going to be right there. He is faithful. Faithful. Faithful. 

Please don’t do this alone. Join E4M and get the support, encouragement and tools you need to be successful in your journey to health and wellness. We are here for you!!

See you on the member side!

XOXO Kellie



I'm Ready to join and lose this weight once and for all!

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