Equipping YOU for life-long health and wellness, and a closer walk with God! yourteam@equipped4more.com
What is Equipped4More?

Equipped4More is a faith-based weight loss program unlike any other. Every day, we strive to motivate, educate, and inspire you to lifelong health, wellness, and weight loss, all while facilitating an environment where you can grow in your relationship with the Lord, and uncover your God given purpose on this earth. Are you ready to begin your transformation? Start today!

How is Equipped4More different from other weight loss programs?

Equipped4More is different from other weight loss programs because we have found the missing link to lifelong weight loss – the true reliance on the supernatural power of God. We will teach you how to live, knowing that God wants (and needs) you to be the best you that you can be to fulfill your purpose on this earth!

What s included in my Equipped4More membership?
Everything you need for successful, lifelong weight loss. Each month you receive your downloadable E4M Toolkit (which includes a goal setting worksheet, monthly devotion, monthly scripture, foundational recipes, and eating out ideas, along with a grocery list ready to take to the store!)
Also, each week, you have access to exclusive videos that I share ONLY with my E4M family members.

Bonus: Membership with E4M includes exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community. Here you will be introduced to hundreds of members on this same journey, sharing ideas, tips, and strategies 24/7!

How do I get started?
I’m so glad you asked! Getting started is super easy! Just click on the link, and we’ll prompt you through the rest! You will be losing weight and feeling great in no time! What are you waiting for? Start your transformation now!
Our daily mission at E4M is to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE our members to live healthier, happier lives, while deeply growing in their relationship with the Lord!