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A friend of mine from high school posts some hilarious things on Facebook. I look forward to her posts because I know I’m typically going to be in for a good laugh. Not too long ago, she posted the picture below with the caption ‘Where my emotional eaters at?’

I gotta tell you, that post was a punch in the gut. I know she was being her funny self, but it spoke to the deepest part of me.

Never has a truer statement been spoken for me. I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to fill the emptiness inside of me with a myriad of things: approval from people I thought were important, entertainment, money, possessions, but most often, food.

Let’s be honest. Food is a great filler of holes. If we are happy, we eat. If we are sad, we eat. Bored? Chomping on chips or cookies is a great way to fill some time. Angry? Oh yeah, food can appease that one too. Who doesn’t love sitting on the couch with a pint of our favorite ice cream and a giant spoon, watching some sappy movie?

For me, food was the great comforter. The childhood trauma I experienced made me feel insecure, lonely, broken and dirty. Food didn’t make me feel that way. It was something that never corrected me, never judged me and never made me feel bad. It always made me feel good. Always. It was always there and always accessible.

Although I thought all that eating would fill me up, I was never, ever full. Physically, sure! But inside, I was starving, empty and dying.


That’s what happens when we use physical things to fill a spiritual space. There is nothing in this world that can fill that space in you. Nothing. We waste so much time running from the one thing that can fill that emptiness! We were created with an internal need for God. The enemy of our soul does his best to put plenty of other options in our paths. He knows that once we understand that we can finally be full with Jesus, he loses.

I gave my heart to Jesus in late 1993. In 2019, God used E4M to show me that I was using food as a substitute for His love and grace. Salvation is instantaneous. Sanctification is a process. Although I felt His love and accepted His grace at the moment He came into my heart, it has taken a long time to get free from all my bondages. It’s not because God can’t. It’s because I haven’t let Him. I’ve held onto some things because I thought I needed them. Over the course of my walk with Jesus, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need any of those things. I only need Jesus.

If you are like me and have used food as a replacement for Him, I implore you to learn from my mistakes. You can be overweight or thin, but still be empty when full. Join E4M TODAY. Don’t wait one more second. Don’t spend one more minute living life in chains! God is using E4M to break bondages and release men and women from their prisons! Get your freedom today!!

XOXO, Kellie


I'm Ready to join and lose this weight once and for all!

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