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Doubt or Faith?  You Can’t Have Both!

“Jesus said to him, Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed.  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.
John 20:29


There are so many glorious things about waking up on Resurrection Sunday.  Knowing that the tomb is empty and Jesus lives.  It’s enough to make us feel like we can conquer the world.  Now more than a week in the past, for some of us that boldness has vanished.  Somewhere living deep down inside of us the “Doubting Thomas” living within us is rearing his ugly head.  Questioning whether or not the resurrection can really save us from all that we are dealing with:
financial struggles
What a list.  And there are others.  The list feels exhaustive at times.  Friend, I want you to look and really understand what Jesus said to Thomas all those years ago.  And as you do remember this; the scriptures weren’t just written so that you and I wouldn’t forget what happened, they were also written, because in them lies a message for us today.  A relevant and very personal message.  Jesus did not condemn Thomas for his lack of faith in not seeing, but He said, BLESSED ARE THOSE who do not see and still believe!
Oh the blessings we are missing for our lack of faith.
Yet, many of us feel as if we do believe, so the message is invalid.  Can I tell you that doubt and faith can’t live together? So if you experience deep struggles with fear, discouragement, worry, and anxiety about losing weight, they are a lack of faith on some level.  It’s a message many of us do not like to hear, but until we embrace it, we can’t move past it.  Jesus did not resurrect just so you could be in heaven with Him after this life.  He resurrected so that you could live FREE in this life!  Hear that message today.  He died so that you could live!  Are you really living today?  If the answer is no, it’s time to do something about it.  Today, Resurrection Sunday is not a day to remain trapped in bondage.  The tomb really is empty.  And it was emptied for you!  And if you can’t have both doubt and faith, which will you choose?

Let’s pray;

Dear God,
I want freedom today.  You died so that I could live, and I want to live!  I have been in bondage, I can see it now.  I know the words you spoke to Thomas were a message for me.  I want to experience the blessings that await those who trust you without seeing.  And trust when it doesn’t seem logical.  Today God, I rebuke the bondage satan has tried to trap me in.  You rose in victory, and so will I!  Thank you Jesus for suffering so that I could live.
Today I live for YOU!

In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray,

Today’s E4M strategy is to live!  Jesus has risen from the dead!  He is alive, and the greatest gift you could give Him today is to live your best life!  Let’s live our best life today by doing the following:

  • Start your day in the most humble position you can: on your knees, or lying face down in a private place, and praising God for what this Resurrection Morning means.
  • Commit that you will remind yourself throughout the day, that your body is the temple where the risen Savior resides. And with that revelation, you will treat “your temple”  better today that you ever have.  Choosing the right foods, and refusing to act in gluttonous ways with candy and treats.

Be prepared to shout about your victory tonight as you lie in bed.
Your Savior lives, and so do YOU!


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