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I am so thankful God led me to Julie House and Equipped4More.   Like a lot of people, I struggled with my weight most of my life.  My food addiction began at a young age.   As an adult, I tried just about every weight lost program available, most of them several times.  I would lose the weight only to gain it back plus more.

In October 2018, I had reached one of my highest weights.  I was completely miserable felt isolated and knew that I was living outside of God’s will for my life allowing food to control me.   I cried out to the Lord one afternoon telling him that I wanted “more” from life than this bondage to food.    A few days later, I caught the end of an advertisement on a Christian radio station.   The only statement I heard was that God wanted to equip me for more!   I had no idea what they were advertising but I KNEW God was speaking to me.   I couldn’t wait to check out the website.   I can tell you that I was disappointed when I logged into the website and learned that it was a weight loss program!   I already knew how to lose weight….  eat less and move more, right?!?  And I did not want to join another program and set myself up for failure.   I didn’t join E4M right away.  God continued to speak to me over the next couple of weeks.  As I continued my bad eating habits, God kept whispering into my ear “I thought you wanted MORE”.      I knew that God wanted me to serve him more, but I was completely unmotivated and had no energy to do so.

On October 24, 2018, I realized I could not keep being disobedient in what God was asking me to do and I joined E4M!   By God’s leadership through E4M and his loving grace and mercy, I lost 50 pounds in just 5 months!   I’ve now lost approximately 70 pounds but I’ve gain so much MORE in my relationship with the Lord!    Through E4M, I learned the difference between willingness and obedience and I know with God’s strength, this will be the LAST weight lost program I will ever join!

If you can relate to Dana’s story, it’s time for you to join her on the last weight loss program you will ever need!  Become a family member with E4M today!  It’s so much more than weight loss!  It’s uncovering your God-given purpose here on this earth!

Just click on the Join Our Family button in the menu above, and get started today!

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