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Update: Kim is now down more than 45 pounds!

She is down more than 45 pounds in just about 6 months! Doesn’t she look incredible?


Update: Dana is closer to her goal than ever!

“I know with God’s strength, this will be the last weight loss program I will ever join!”

Read Dana’s latest testimony HERE





Update: Vickie is now down nearly 60 pounds!

Vickie has inspired countless others with her passion to do this God’s way, losing weight for the last time!





“I’m down 21 pounds and I never knew that when you truly put God first in how and what you eat, He would change you completely!”
“I feel like I have my life back!  I’m 60+ pounds down, and give all the glory to God and my E4M family!”
-The author of Kellie’s Journey is now down -51.5 pounds!
Down 39 pounds!
– 43 pounds!  
“This was a journey that on the surface was intended for the loss of physical weight.  But it was more; it was one that captured my attention to lose another kind of weight….the weight of stress and anxiety through scripture, prayer, and praise.  It was then that I knew I was in the right place.  I had the opportunity to GAIN a closer walk with God, to know Him better, fellowship, and lose the weight.  The E4M program has been such a blessing, as He promised, in shedding the weight, and gaining a stronger faith!”
“I’m definitely ready to reach my goal, but 150 isn’t the main goal anymore, it’s time to be finished with gluttony once and for all.  I always said I don’t want to be skinny, I just don’t want to be a slave.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without E4M and the truths you helped me see.” 
Our daily mission at E4M is to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE our members to live healthier, happier lives, while deeply growing in their relationship with the Lord!
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