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 So you wanna eat out and lose weight?  Great! We’ve got the plan for you! Just follow these four simple strategies, and your busy schedule will never interfere with your weight loss!

  1. Know before you go!  Rarely these days is it that you cannot find the menu on the web.  Knowledge is power, so know ahead of time what you plan to order, and eating out will not just be convenient, but part of a successful weight loss plan too!
  2. Water!  Water! Water!  Don’t waste your hard earned money on fountain drinks in a restaurant.  Not only does it add to the bill, but the artificial sweeteners in drinks can leave you feeling bloated, and interfere with the digestion of food.  Stick with water, (and make it a point to drink a big glass before your meal comes) and you will aide in the proper digestion of your meal, along with filtering out toxins that inhibit your weight loss too!
  3. Share and share alike!  Trust me on this one, portions are out of control in restaurants.  Save money and calories by ordering a side salad as your appetizer, and sharing an entree with your bestie or your sweetie!  
  4. This one makes all the difference!  Prayer and thanksgiving when eating out, reminds you and God that even though you are eating out, He is still in control, and you trust Him to help you to make decisions that will allow you to stay on plan, enjoy life, and lose weight!

At E4M, we want you to know that you can live life and lose weight!  And just because your busy, that shouldn’t impede your plans to get healthy and live your life full of purpose for the Lord!  Would you love more support, ideas, and inspirational videos to keep you going on your health and wellness journey? Download our FREE app from your favorite App Store and get connected today!  Already have the app? Great!  Launch it and find out what’s new at E4M!

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