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Did you know that the third week of January is the most popular time for people to give up on their resolutions?  Why is that?  Several factors play a role.  For starters, this is when the newness of your goals begins to wear off, and the struggles begin to set in.  Saying no to the cookies, and second helpings at dinner, are not as easy as they were January, 1st.  Second, if you are the only one in your home, or close friend group setting goals for weight loss, and healthy living, it is likely the support of loved ones has waned too.  Many may even begin to unknowingly sabotage your plans by inviting you out to eat, bringing home snacks and other temptations, even encouraging you to “just take one bite,” etc.  And finally, for many the results just don’t seem to equal the hard work.  Questions like, “That’s all I lost?”  are far too frequent.

If this sounds like you, I have three words, “DON’T QUIT YET!”  Look at something with me.  21 days has great significance on a health and wellness journey, and it has great significance in the Bible too.   21 days in the Bible often represents a cycle of sin and disobedience.  You may not realize this, but after the Israelites were freed from slavery, they faced 21 major battles of rebellion in the wilderness, roaming around lost and complaining. But it was also on the 21st day of the month that God caused Pharaoh and his army of thousands to drown in the Red Sea as the Israelites were escaping.  To put it in a nutshell, satan is the one behind the scenes trying to get you to “fall off the wagon,” not your hubby.  You see, satan realizes that if he can get you to quit before 21 days, you haven’t made any long-term changes, just toyed around with the idea.  You’re still lost in the wilderness fighting this battle, and wondering if you will EVER lose this weight for good.  But, make it to 21 days, and God will show up and drown out the temptations that threaten to keep you in bondage year after year!  I love the symbolism here.  It’s like God is saying to you, “Just hold on a little longer, I will be right there to show you to your promised land.  This is an  incredible lesson you don’t want to miss!

If you stay caught up in starting and stopping this journey every couple of weeks,  you will forever remain in the wilderness.   But if you will just hold on, change and deliverance are on the way!

Science even backs up the Bible here!  It has been scientifically proven time and time again that 21 days is key in lifestyle changes.  If we can kick a bad habit or implement a good one, and keep it going for 21 days, we are well on our way to incredible success.  The moral of the story?  If you can keep it going for 21 days, satan has been defeated, and you are forever changed, and transformed closer to who you want, and have been designed to be!

Be encouraged today, sweet friend.  You can do this.  And if you need support, and encouragement to keep going, become a member in our E4M family.  It’s our goal every day to ensure our members are feeling motivated, inspired, and have all the tools they need to succeed in life long weight loss.  Don’t wait, follow the link below to learn more, and join today!

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